About the Author

Huub Koch (Rotterdam, 1956) studied Visual Communication at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Netherlands) and the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Germany). He is a visual strategist, creative designer, design philosopher, blogger, vlogger, book reviewer, speaker and essayist. Koch debuted in 1975 as a poet, serialist and prosaist. He was active as stage designer, documentary photographer, visual artist and as a design entrepreneur. As a publicist in his field he contributed on: ‘The Education of a Typographer’, ‘Flyerdam’, ‘Web-TV’, ‘En dan nu de Polonaise’, ‘Beweging in de Zaak’ and ‘Ontdek Vloggen’. Since 2015 he writes essays for literary magazine ‘Extaze’. He wrote ‘Be Good And Show It’ – for independent professionals and entrepreneurs which connects Brand Thinking – Marketing and Communication – with philosophical, ancient wisdom and personal anecdotes. He also wrote ‘Bohemian Dragons in A Life by the Sea’ – Sore Places in a Family History. The online English version can be found on this website.

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